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Leading Lines

In both of these pictures I try to use the leading lines technique to draw attention to the main object of the picture. The first picture I think came out better than the second because I use the hallway as the lines leading to the bag. Both pictures could have been better with the proper angles and better objects to take the pictures with.

Pano Perspective Image

In the creation of this image me and JP had to run around the cameraman while he moved the camera to get four different pictures in one of me getting around the bases. This picture took us a couple of tries and was not easy to get it with a little amount of obscurities. I thought that the picture came out pretty well with only a little bit of eras. If we spent a little more time on the picture it could have came out better.

Adobe Video Project

Adobe Spark Page

Rule of Thirds

In these images, how I used the rule of thirds was I tried to the objects at the intersecting points and not in the middle of the image. The first image uses only one long object that is on the right side of the picture using the rule of thirds. The second photo also has the object from the first picture and there is a second object that is not as long and it is at an intersecting point. I thought that these pictures could have came out more interesting if there was more to the background.

Profile Picture